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We specialize in CZ Jewelry and Silver Jewelry . Cubic Zirconia, also known as CZ synthetic diamonds, diamond simulants or simulated diamonds, is a more affordable alternative to natural diamonds. Our collection of man made diamond jewelry and fake diamond rings features cz rings, including cz wedding sets and cubic zirconia engagemetn rings, designer inspired jewelry, earrings, bracelets and pendants set in rhodium plated 925 sterling silver.


CZ Jewelry

Almost Diamonds is your one-stop shop for quality cz jewelry.  In fact, it is our specialty – just look at our name.  Our sparkling simulated diamonds, dedicated customer service, FREE shipping offer on all orders with no minimum purchase required and our rock solid 30-day money back guarantee are among the best in the business.  
Cubic zirconia is the finest diamond simulant available, which makes it highly sought after in the world of jewelry.  If strength, beauty and affordability are on your wish list, these little beauties will more than satisfy.  While the clear stone remains a classic, you will find that fake diamonds are available in a rainbow of colors.  Our complete line of imitation diamond jewelry includes rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, men's titanium rings and necklace and earring sets.  Whatever your style or budget, we are confident that our unbeatable selection of fine sterling silver cz jewelry will outshine the competition.

Sterling Silver Jewelry  

The most affordable of all precious metals, sterling silver offers quality craftsmanship that can provide the owner with a lifetime of wear.  Its strength and durability have made this not only an affordable choice in jewelry design, but a very popular one as well.  In appearance, sterling silver jewelry offers the wearer an icy white metal that looks breathtaking when compared with cubic zirconia.  Almost Diamonds is fittingly named for our cubic zirconia selection, but we take great pride in offering our sparkling diamond simulants set in quality sterling silver.  Whether you want a simple statement in jewelry or a taste of old Hollywood glamour, our product line will guide you toward the perfect choice. Our huge silver jewelry collection include sterling silver rings, sterling silver wedding bands, and silver bangle bracelets.


CZ Earrings

If you have pierced ears, perhaps you share the same feeling as others who say they never walk out the door without earrings.  If you feel incomplete without a little sparkle in your ears, let cz earrings ease your mind.  After all, earrings are one of the first things that others will notice when they look at your face.  At Almost Diamonds, you will find a wide selection of cz stud earrings, chadelier earrings, silver hoop earrings, leverback earrings, designer inspired earrings and silver dangle earrings featuring the allure of cubic zirconia.  We carry a full line of styles, whether you want something petite or powerful.  No matter if you are looking for a professional design to wear to the office, something dainty for everyday errands or an elegant look for dinner with someone special, Almost Diamonds will help you to find the perfect pair of cubic zirconia earrings.


Theme Jewelry

A theme is a type of subject matter and when it comes to accessories, theme jewelry could potentially be your signature collection.  If you wear a certain style more often than any other, it becomes your signature.  We carry a variety of these specialty pieces, including key pendant, heart shaped jewelry, nautical jewelry, peace jewelry, religious jewelry and ribbon jewelry.  Our user-friendly navigation bar on will help you to browse by theme and quickly access the items you are looking for with just one click.  Theme jewelry is a fun way to showcase your admiration of a particular design and it also makes gift-giving easier since those you love already know what style you wear.


Collection Jewelry

Almost Diamonds may be known for our beautiful line of cubic zirconia jewelry, but we also specialize in customer service.  To that end, we recognize the need for collection jewelry.  Quite simply, this category of accessories is designed for the individual who knows exactly what he/she wants.  For example, birthstone jewelry is very specific, as is journey jewelry and/or three-stone jewelry.  When you shop a category of collection jewelry, you have very little guesswork in what to expect.  If you are shopping for Mother’s Day jewelry, Valentine's Day Jewelry or even bridal jewelry, you will be glad to know that we have categorized items that are perfectly suited for these special days.  Rather than have you shopping for hours, has provided an easy-to-use website menu that will guide you directly to your favorite collection.  For those of you who love celebrity inspired jewelry and designer inspired jewelry, we haven’t forgotten you.  Our designer inspired jewelry include styles by Tiffany, Tacori and David Yurman.  Shop with us, and let be your online source for all things beautiful.

Nature Jewelry

Almost Diamonds has a nice selection of nature jewelry inspired by majestic creatures, both on land and in water.  If the mysterious travels of a winged insect makes your heart flutter, check out our selection of butterfly jewelry and dragonfly jewelry.  Starfish, fittingly named as a star-shaped animal found in the ocean, are extremely popular underwater creatures who have found a new home in jewelry design.  Our nature jewelry consists of rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants.  Our flower jewelry and animal jewelry categories also include bracelets, which will be a lovely addition to any wardrobe.  If your love of nature is one that you want to enjoy all year round, consider adding several nature-inspired jewelry accessories to your collection.